GenJar is a specialized Ant task that builds jar files based on class dependencies rather than simply the contents of a directory.

GenJar was originally created by John W. Kohler.

The original GenJar branch will be maintained for as long as there are maintainer and demand.

  • 2018-01-18      GenJar 1.0.5 is released.
  • 2017-12-07      GenJar 1.0.4 is released.
  • 2017-11-14      GenJar 1.0.3 is released.
  • 2003-03-06      GenJar 1.0.2 is released.
  • 2003-02-23      GenJar 1.0.1 is released.
  • 2002-09-30      GenJar 1.0.0 is released.
  • 2002-09-26      GenJar moves to SourceForge.
  • 2002-09-06      Jesse Stockall assumes stewardship of GenJar.

1.0.5 (2018-01-18)
  • resource fileName attribute can be used with package
1.0.4 (2017-11-14)
  • class dpendencies parsing moved in ClassParserSpec
  • Path resolution moved in PathResolver
  • resource fileName attribute to fetch a file from a jar or a zip
1.0.3 (2017-11-14)
  • Class dependencies is made with the BCEL parser.
1.0.2 (2003-03-06)
  • Fix exception message regression introduced in 1.0.1
1.0.1 (2003-02-23)
  • added to default exclude list
  • Fix bug# 619762, META-INF directory of <library> jars is now ignored as signing information from the old jar was causing the verify to fail
  • Fix bug# 686070, Handling of Windows paths in <library> was incorrect
  • Fix bug# 643263, Handle uppercase classpath entries
  • Fix bug# 631562, Files on classpath were not being closed properly
  • Document <class>'s ability to handle <fileset>s
  • Add a properties file for <taskdef>ing GenJar
1.0.0 (2002-09-30)
  • First release at SourceForge.
  • Allow GenJar to generate class file dependencies to disk.
  • Fix a few bugs in the <resource> and <library> elements.
0.3.3 (2002-01-13)
  • Several bug reports have come in in the last month:
  • Absoulte jarfile paths were not handled correctly - was testing agains PATH separator instead of FILE separator - fixed
0.3.0 (2001-05-02)
  • Added tag allowing insertion of entire jars or directories into the jar - new class updated docs to reflect new tag
  • Fixed - was using a static Set to track those classes already resolved. Making this set non-static fixed the problem
0.2.4 (2001-04-25)
  • Added project.baseDir to generated jar file name - bug reported by JeffPost - jars were ending up in the root dir
0.2.3 (2001-04-23)
  • Added duplicate removal - all incoming jarEntries are tested against existing list - first addition wins